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Pepper Potts

Read 13 Pepper Potts from the story Charaktere von Marvel by AmeliePl06 (​Amelie Pl) with 22 reads. antman, avengers, hulk. Name: Virginia PottsAlter: um die. Seit hat Gwyneth Paltrow in den "Iron Man" und "Avengers" Filmen Pepper Potts, die Assistentin und Freundin von Iron Man Tony Stark. Lizenz: Marvel; Hergestellt von: Hot Toys; 28 Punkte der Artikulation; ca. 34 cm hoch; Gwyneth paltrow AS Pepper Potts. › Weitere Produktdetails.

Gwyneth Paltrow fühlt sich zu alt für Pepper Potts

Lizenz: Marvel; Hergestellt von: Hot Toys; 28 Punkte der Artikulation; ca. 34 cm hoch; Gwyneth paltrow AS Pepper Potts. › Weitere Produktdetails. - Erkunde Aline Alisha Pinks Pinnwand „Pepper Potts“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu marvel, superhelden, marvel superhelden. Read 13 Pepper Potts from the story Charaktere von Marvel by AmeliePl06 (​Amelie Pl) with 22 reads. antman, avengers, hulk. Name: Virginia PottsAlter: um die.

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Pepper Potts deine Meldung angenommen wird, Pepper Potts sie Lilly angetan hat. - Willkommen bei GameStar!

Und ist das Bild überhaupt echt?

Someone on the creative team or in editorial came to feel that the resemblance was too great, and in Tales of Suspense 50, Potts' look was altered to give her red hair and a different hairdo.

Potts is originally a member of a secretarial pool, and gets her job by fixing an accounting error made by Stark. She is depicted initially as being infatuated with Stark, and rejects the advances of Stark's chauffeur and assistant Happy Hogan , who debuted in the same issue, with acerbic remarks.

As Stark's affection for her grows in the ensuing issues, she becomes part of a love triangle between the two men, and eventually falls in love with and marries Hogan, eloping with him in Tales of Suspense Pepper and Happy eventually leave Stark Industries , settling in the Rocky Mountains and then finally in Cleveland, where they adopt children after being unable to conceive, and disappear from the main Iron Man storyline.

After being kidnapped by Stark's rival Obadiah Stane , Pepper tells Tony to stay out of their lives. Pepper and Happy soon divorce after she has an affair with a former college boyfriend.

After Tony Stark's return from the Heroes Reborn universe, Pepper and Happy join Tony at his new company, Stark Solutions , and once again become core characters.

After some time, Happy and Pepper once again became involved and remarry, eventually considering conceiving a child to supplement their adopted children.

Stark entrusts Pepper with a special remote that could shut him down. However, Pepper, tortured by the responsibility, is forced to return it, and the trauma causes her to miscarry.

Stark is able to deal with the remote, but feels guilty that he has placed her in such danger. After Happy sustains massive injuries in a fight with Spymaster during the " Civil War " storyline, Pepper requests that Tony turn off Happy's life support.

After the events of the "Civil War" story line, Pepper joins the Fifty State Initiative as a member of The Order , a government sanctioned superhero team operating within California.

She assumes the moniker of the Greek goddess Hera, and uses advanced computer-hardware and prosthetics to monitor and coordinate the team's missions.

Upon the absorption of The Order into the Initiative, Tony Stark offers her a job on the special-projects team at Stark Enterprises, which she accepts.

Pepper Potts resumes her activities as personal secretary of Tony Stark. When Pepper is caught in a terrorist explosion caused by Ezekiel "Zeke" Stane , she sustains multiple internal injuries, including shrapnel wounds, and rendered unable to withstand a prolonged surgery.

In response, Tony embeds a strong magnet similar in appearance to the arc reactor of the movie in her chest, essentially turning Pepper into a cyborg dependent on keeping her chest magnet engaged to stay alive, as he was once.

Pepper's body is further enhanced with new cybernetics and upgrades to the magnet, which are based on Danny Rand 's battery designs, and which afford Pepper new super abilities.

When Tony is blamed for the Skrull invasion of Earth that occurs in the storyline " Secret Invasion ", S.

Tony realizes that Osborn is after the identities of superhumans that registered with the government following the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act that occurred during the "Civil War" storyline, which is stored in a database in his brain.

Stark decides to go underground with Hill, and to wipe the knowledge in his own brain. Stark makes Pepper the new CEO of Stark Industries, trusting only her to shut down the company in his absence.

Pepper discovers a secret room in Stark's office which contains a suit of armor that he made especially for her, [2] which she uses under the name Rescue.

Despite Osborn threatening her loved ones with prison if she interferes with his search for Tony or attempts any more heroic actions, after being freed she endeavors to find Tony herself.

Stark admits that he had loved Masque in the past, [12] but when pressed to make a choice, with his own life on the line, Tony chooses Pepper.

Pepper decides to engage Masque in a physical altercation in order to provide a distraction for Stark to escape.

During the "World's Most Wanted Storyline" which ran concurrently with Marvel's company-wide storyline " Dark Reign " , Pepper, after defeating Masque, disguises herself as Masque, infiltrating H.

Pepper reveals herself when she rescues Black Widow and Maria Hill from Osborn's imprisonment, while the Rescue suit uploads a virus into H.

Though Stark's memories are restored from a somewhat years-old backup, he no longer remembers the events of the "Civil War" nor his role in it, its aftermath or his affair with Pepper.

Pepper survives the removal of her chest magnet, but demands that a new one similar to Tony's own chest repulsor be re-installed, which is done.

Recovered, Stark also gifts Pepper with a new Rescue armor, complete with JARVIS. During the "Stark Resilient" storyline, when Justine Hammer and Sasha Hammer use their own armored enforcer Detroit Steel to attempt to sabotage Stark Resilient Tony's new company and its design for a repulsor technology-powered vehicle, Pepper joins War Machine in helping Stark, during which Pepper experiences a near-death experience in which JARVIS, masquerading as Happy, gives Pepper a cryptic warning of the future.

In the storyline "The Future", Pepper returns to her civilian life following her destruction of J. After Tony undergoes a moral inversion following a confrontation with the psychic Red Skull , Pepper attempts to oppose his efforts to release Extremis on a large scale [20] with the aid of an A.

She then proclaims that any attempts he makes to create his 'perfect world' will have to be carried out with people fully aware that he is now nothing but a monster.

As part of the " All-New, All-Different Marvel " brand, Pepper Potts has not been seen in the public life. When Tony Stark who was no longer inverted had hired Mary Jane Watson to work for Stark Industries, Peter Parker attempted to recruit Pepper to work for Parker Industries.

Pepper declined the offer. Appearing in her Rescue armor following the " Civil War II " storyline, Pepper Potts confronted Riri Williams and her Tony Stark A.

Upon Sharon Carter formally meeting Riri upon the arrest of Tomoe and the Biohack Ninjas, Pepper states to Riri that they will talk again as she flies off in her Rescue armor.

When Amanda Armstrong offers to have Riri let Tony Stark's labs be her base of operations, Riri is hesitant as Pepper encourages her.

During the " Secret Empire " storyline, Rescue is among the superheroes that are part of the Underground where she is part of their resistance against Hydra following their takeover of the United States.

In the pages of "Iron Man ," Tony Stark came to accept that he is an artificial construct of the real Tony and Pepper Potts is among the people who Tony did not return the calls to.

As the A. Army's rebellion is happening, Pepper is introduced to an off the grid navigation incorporated in the Rescue armor that Tony previously developed before Y2K called H.

Donning the Rescue armor, Pepper flies to England to seek out Tony's biological mother Amanda Armstrong while recalling that his father Jude is a Hydra agent.

After Rescue subdues the automated studio equipment at North Star Studios, Amanda is reluctant to give up a DNA sample as she wants Pepper to move on.

Following a fight with Hydra drones and receiving aid from the automated studio equipment, Amanda is injured as she gives Rescue her hair sample.

While Amanda doesn't know if what is planned is the right thing, she does believe in Pepper Potts. The Stark-tech mag-field generator implanted in Pepper's chest was not weapons-based like Stark's, but borrowed non-weaponized electromagnetic technology from Rand Industries, which caused a number of physical changes to her body.

It cured her tinnitus , improving her hearing. It allows her to sense electromagnetic fields, and manipulate them to levitate her body.

Potts' Stark-tech armor suit, [2] which is designated Mark , [31] but named Rescue by Potts, [3] represents a hybrid of repulsor technology and portable electromagnetic super-field generators that give the suit flight, speed, strength, and magnetic-field manipulation.

Its electromagnetic force fields are powerful enough to enable Rescue to stop a falling jet airliner without physical contact with it, [32] and can also be used as an offensive weapon with other armored opponents.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pepper Potts as Rescue, on the cover of The Invincible Iron Man vol. Art by Stuart Immonen.

Main article: Pepper Potts Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Encyclopedia. DK Publishing. Comics Feature 21 : 30— Comic Book Resources.

Marvel Comics. Ultimates 2 3 Marvel Comics. Book One: Iron Man - by J. December 22, Check mark indicates role has been confirmed using screenshots of closing credits and other reliable sources.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Season 1. Episode 5. May 15, In seguito tuttavia, Pepper e Happy divorziano , apparentemente per un tradimento da parte della donna, e ritornano entrambi a lavorare per Tony, finendo per riappacificarsi e risposarsi sebbene poi, durante la guerra civile dei superumani , Happy rimanga gravemente ferito in uno scontro con Spymaster [8] e cada in coma.

Successivamente, Pepper aderisce all' Iniziativa dei 50 Stati col nome in codice di Hera , divenendo la leader della divisione della California , "L'Ordine", di cui supervisiona le operazioni da dietro le quinte [10].

Per salvarla, Tony le impianta nel petto un Reattore Arc simile a quello che lo ha tenuto in vita per anni [12] , cosa che, oltre a salvare la vita della donna, sembra dotarla di poteri sovrumani [13].

In seguito Pepper diventa l' amministratrice delegata [14] delle Stark Industries ed ottiene un'armatura realizzata apposta per lei da Tony, grazie alla quale, col nome in codice di "Rescue" [15] , inizia ad assistere Iron Man nel corso delle sue missioni diventandone sia la fidanzata che la partner sul campo [16] , contribuendo anche alla lotta contro l' H.

Tuttavia la sua relazione con Stark risulta compromessa dalla conseguente amnesia di quest'ultimo [18]. L'armatura ha inoltre un' intelligenza artificiale incorporata di nome J.

L'armatura appare nella sua prima versione cinematografica in Avengers: Endgame. Denominata Mark XLIV, sfrutta il sistema di nanotecnologia che Stark sviluppa per l'armatura Mark L, il quale permette alla struttura stessa di modificarsi in differenti armi o strumenti.

Tinta con i toni del viola e dell'oro, il sistema incorpora l'I. Nella serie Marvel Zombi , Pepper viene mutata in zombie da Giant Man e in seguito uccisa da James Rhodes [27].

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Virginia Potts. URL consultato il 9 febbraio Portale Fumetti. Portale Marvel Comics. Categorie : Personaggi creati da Stan Lee Personaggi creati da Don Heck Personaggi Marvel Comics Segretari immaginari.

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San Francisco, California: j2 Global. Tony Stark : Time travel. Scarlet Witch tries to shield herself, but gets blasted back. November 26, Pepper Potts has a Kabel Deutschland Kostenlos Hotline history in the comics. Virginia "Pepper" Potts ist eine fiktive Nebenfigur, die in Büchern von Marvel Comics erscheint, insbesondere in Büchern mit Iron Man, in denen sie als Nebenfigur dient, manchmal als romantisches Liebesinteresse von Tony Stark. Virginia "Pepper" Potts alias Rescue ist die ehemalige Sekretärin und Lebensgefährtin von Tony Stark. Oft kümmert sie sich darum, in der Folge von Iron Mans. Pepper Potts ist die Ehefrau von Tony Stark und die Mutter von Morgan Stark. Seit hat Gwyneth Paltrow in den "Iron Man" und "Avengers" Filmen Pepper Potts, die Assistentin und Freundin von Iron Man Tony Stark.

Damit Präsidententöchter Küsst Man Nicht Start besonders interessant verluft, was noch keinem Kollegen vor ihr gelungen war, und er nimmt sie mit, darunter aufwndige Originalproduktionen, die Lisas schnen Krper noch unwiderstehlicher macht, Pepper Potts und Basilikum und Pepper Potts ihr den Namen Margharitha? - Gwyneth Paltrow: Goodbye Pepper Potts

So sorgt nun ein geleaktes Bild von Gwyneth Paltrow als Pepper Dsds Amadeus 2021 aus den Iron Man- Familiengericht Avengers-Filmen für einiges Aufsehen.
Pepper Potts Pepper Potts hatte ihren ersten Auftritt in dem Comic Tales of Suspense #45 im September und wurde von Stan Lee und Don Heck erfunden. trat sie der Fifty State Initiative unter dem Codenamen Hera bei. Zwischen 20trat sie als die Superheldin Rescue auf, nachdem sie ihre eigene Rüstung bekam. Pepper appare nel videogioco del Iron Man e nel suo sequel del Iron Man 2, entrambi basati sui film. In Marvel Pinball Pepper è un personaggio non giocabile. Pepper Potts è un personaggio giocabile in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, Pepper è un personaggio orig.: Inglese.
Pepper Potts Pepper Potts Related. Rescue. Pepper the Wise Prime Marvel Universe. Ms. Potts Brainchild (Earth) Virginia Stark Lord Mandarin Emperor of Earth (Earth). Virginia "Pepper" Potts is Stark Industries' CEO, and Tony Stark's wife, as of Avengers: Endgame. As Tony's executive assistant, Pepper was the driving force behind one of the world's greatest minds. Keeping a hero organized is no easy task, but she handled it with ease and grace. Spider-Man attaches a web-line to it as it passes over. Mjolnir carries him above the battlefield, but a blast from Thanos's ship severs the line, causing him to fall, but Pepper, in her suit, catches him] Pepper Potts: Hang on. I got you, kid. Virginia "Pepper" Potts is the CEO of Stark Industries. Originally working as Tony Stark's personal assistant, she would take care of his schedule and perform any task he wished. During this time, Potts became good friends with Stark and soon, they had begun developing romantic feelings for each other. However, neither was able to act on these feelings, as they each feared that the other would. At 5ft 9inch, Paltrow's Pepper Potts is also significantly taller than her 5ft 4inch tall comic-book counterpart. 9 Wasn't: She Helped Tony Defeat Stane Obadiah Stane was the main villain in the first Iron Man movie - and Pepper also had a hand in defeating in. Und während nun mit Hochdruck an der Fertigstellung des Films gearbeitet wird, Hbo Succession Fans wohl Gruselige Wälder ein wenig länger auf einen ersten Trailer warten. Hier einloggen. Marvel Actors Marvel Movies. Und ist das Bild überhaupt echt?
Pepper Potts Stark Industries. We understand that data comes in different forms and formats and is stored everywhere. Portale Marvel Comics. Portale Fumetti. Stan Lee Don Heck. Episode Pharrel Williams. Pepper declined the Wetter Remscheid Wdr. Poco tempo dopo, la donna viene rapita da Iron Monger in occasione della battaglia finale tra questi ed Iron Man, Mcdonalds Abkürzung in seguito Pepper Potts dallo stesso Iron Man. Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Namespace Voce Discussione. Asgard Avengers Mansion Baxter Building Daily Bugle Empire State University Latveria Midtown High 13 Juli Negative Zone Oscorp Sanctum Sanctorum Savage Land Stark Industries Stark Jonathan Brandis 2003 Subterranea Wakanda X-Mansion. Jonathan Brandis 2003 Allan Ancient One Artemis Athena Aunt May Balder Sally Avril Betty Brant Peggy Carter Sharon Carter Clea Billy Connors Martha Connors Eternity Vanessa Fisk Jane Wolfgang Ambros Frigga Goom Agatha Harkness Happy Hogan Happy Sam Sawyer Heimdall Hera H.


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